Summer Reading Club 2015

RTTR Critter

It’s almost time to register for Joliet Public Library’s Summer Reading Club!

The first day that children can report on their reading (and receive prizes) is Monday, June 1, 2015.  The last day to report and pick up prizes is Saturday, August 1.  Kids are awarded prizes for both reading and listening to books.

You can save time registering for Summer Reading Club by creating a family account under one user name and password.  After you sign up the first family member, you just click a button to Add a Member.

Children can report and receive prizes each week that they have done some reading.  The week runs Sunday through Saturday, and children can report a maximum of one time per week.  They can either report in person or online, but need to come to the library to pick up their prizes. Families can register and submit lists of books read at August 1 is the last day to pick up prizes (other than Splash Station tickets).

Once children have reported four separate weeks, they receive a free book and will be eligible to pick up a ticket to the final party at Splash Station. Tickets will be available at either library location on August 3-6.

There is no set number of books or type of books that children must read for our Summer Reading Club. We know that children who read regularly over the summer and select their own reading materials, including comic books and magazines, go back to school ready to learn.

Joliet Public Library has summer reading programs for the entire family. You can visit and click on the teen or adult tabs to learn more about those summer reading programs.


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